I have read "Aircraft Carrier Command" completely and think it is terrific. COs should "devour" it!  This book will be the most valuable and impacting document ever written about carrier command and command-at-sea in general!”  Admiral Jimmy Hogg.

“This is a "must-read" for all of my senior officers going to command of ships.”  Captain Neil Parrott,  SWOS CO.

“You've developed a wonderful book here, one that should prove extremely valuable and worthwhile to any prospective carrier COs , not to mention any future commanders, be they maritime or otherwise—Bravo Zulu!”  Admiral Jim Stavridis.  

“Should be required reading for every watch officer.”  Rear Admiral Wick Parcells, first CO of USS Theodore Roosevelt .

“Wish I had had this sort of special handbook before I took command.”   Rear Admiral Tom Watson

“Read the book and thought it to be superb.”  Rear Admiral Bear Pickavance, Superintendent, Texas Maritime at Galveston.

“A most commendable endeavor.”  Vice Admiral Bob Dunn.  

“This is the book that has been long awaited.”  Admiral Jim Holloway.

“You have done a magnificent job in research and analysis that will be of great value to any sea-going commander.  Great work.  What a great piece of guidance and stimulation for any prospective ship commander. There is more wisdom in that package than in ten manuals on command at sea. Your work is a must for the Navy to provide to all newly awarded command of sea-going vessels."  Vice Admiral Dutch Schoultz.

“You have done a great job of capsalizing what a carrier skipper should keep in his sights.”  Captain Doyle Borchers.

“You have done a wonderful job with this effort. It should make a difference!”  Rear Admiral Tom Brown.

“This book could have saved a few of my lessons learned by hard knocks.”   Capt Jim McDonnell.   

"Enjoyed reading the book and how the background mix of Naval, Commercial, practical common sense advice, case studies are all brought together in a complete fashion. The mixture of blending the experiences of others into a guide for COs is invaluable. It will enable a CO to deal with not only the day to day issues that can lull us into complacency, but to also have developed the framework to deal with the unexpected and unplanned in a professional manner, which is what being in command is all about." Captain Rick Comeau.

“Based on the experiences of successful carrier commanders, this book will provide valuable insights to those who follow in their footsteps.” Vice Admiral Jerry Unruh.

“Received your great book and had a chance to quickly page through it today...very nicely done and is certainly a unique contribution to our profession. I noted that you included my humble thoughts in amongst the much greater contributions of other skippers...thank you, Sir. You are very kind and most thoughtful. I think this effort of yours will greatly contribute to the preparation of our future commanding officers, be they carrier COs or other commands. Also, it is a great opportunity for those of us who have had this special privilege to reflect on the challenges, the excitement and the great satisfaction of having had command of an aircraft carrier... I do not believe that there is a comparable experience and you have captured many aspects of this unique "once in a lifetime" opportunity! I appreciate the great effort and hard work you have taken to produce this priceless tome...please accept my humble "Bravo Zulu" to you.” RADM Tom Watson.

“Hard to argue with your catalogue of "dos and don'ts". That certainly is an over simplistic critique but you have kind of defined a path with a bunch of on and off ramps and provided some historic context that I did not have before I took over the Big E. It should be read by all in the pipeline. No small matter that your follow on career included a lot of at sea command experience . . . Good job.” Admiral Robert J. Kelly; 40 months as Enterprise CO.

“Thanks very much for the signed copy of Aircraft Carrier Command. It looks great. Congratulations on publishing it. There is certainly a wealth of information in it for all the new CVN COs. Well Done." RADM Jim Symonds, USS Ronald Reagan.

“I salute you Pete...... with our changing world Aircraft Carrier Command has principles upon which the Navy was founded. You have done a wonderful job.” Janice T. Dunleavy, Annapolis.

“I finally got around to reading Aircraft Carrier Command - Well Done Sir! I would like to order three more copies to send to folks I've served with who are in the CVN pipeline. The information in the book is too important to take a chance of missing it.” RADM Bill Sizemore, CNATRA

“I received your book, Aircraft Carrier Command, via Pat Hannifin and have enjoyed reading it. Thank you; I know your advice will come in handy. I am interested in purchasing Sea Buoy Outbound. My last command, USS MOUNT WHITNEY (LCC 20), was a split crew of USN sailors and MSC civilian mariners so I am looking forward to comparing what I learned sailing with civmars to your experiences.” Captain Jeff Ruth, PCO, USS Nimitz (CVN 68).

“An exceptional read! I would hope/expect USN would purchase and place into every CVN library as well as providing to every aviation officer attending SWOS. I have mailed the copy you gave me to our son who is departing soon for a tour in the Ops Department of CVN USS George Washington, home ported in Yokosuka, Japan. You have provided many very important concepts/procedures/ideas that should improve the quality of ship handling/operations for the USN CVN community.” Captain C. Flack Logan, USS Lexington CVT-16.

"Loved the book, tho't I sent feedback, but my forgetter is working better and better. I wish I had read it before I went to Camden!!!!” Retired Captain Dick Thomas, former CO USS Camden and Panama Canal pilot.

“I’ve just finished “Carrier Command”, and while I’m not entirely certain that I’d be better able to command one of those behemoths than I was a month ago, I was constantly being reminded of my hours on the bridge on a DD, slowly and imperfectly learning by experience, and of how much I would have profited from your book.” John T. Pigott, 31/2 years of WWII as a destroyer JO and retired California attorney.

“I read your book with much interest (except the civilian maritime chapters) and I found it most informative. For a land-locked guy who has been interested in US naval affairs since his early high-school years (and this is 50 years ago) the book offers an immense amount of invaluable details.” Jürg Kürsener, Colonel GS (ret), Chief-editor Military Power Revue and Naval Correspondent for NZZ and Naval Forces magazine, Switzerland.

“I am delighted to report that the book arrived today! I have read the first few sections and it is invaluable advice – superb. Thank you most sincerely for inscribing the book, I shall treasure it and have no doubt that I will benefit greatly from the important lessons elucidated within the text.” R G PEDRE, Commander Royal Navy, Commanding Officer, HMS RICHMOND BFPO 375.

“I have finished ‘Aircraft Carrier Command,’ reading it slowly and with relish. In fact I have read it twice – and some parts more than that. What a huge and outstanding effort, and a book that should be required reading for all prospective carrier CO’s. Congratulations on a job well done.  All best wishes to you and for your future writings.” RADM Gene Tissot, sixth CO of USS Enterprise (CVN-65).

“This book is isn't just for the aircraft carrier CO's - it's for anyone in the profession of taking ships to sea. There are innumerable lessons about how to succeed while in command of warships and Sailors.” Captain (sel) Bob Bodvake, former CO of USS Momsen (DDG 92) and ordered to a DESRON as the Commodore; presently SWOS Director of Command Training.

"Thank you for Aircraft Carrier Command.  There are many lessons included for everyone who ever has or had command responsibility."  Roger Haar, Lt Col (ret) Swiss Air Force.  

"Fantastic book!  I was not able to put down once started!  While I never will command a CVN or any ship (I'm an ordnance LDO) I have been a CV OOD, DDG OOD and CVN TAO, the book gave a great perspective on the responsibilities, accountabilities and thought process of a carrier CO. This book, as stated several times, is a must read for any PXO or PCO but also should be required reading for any CVN officer standing watch U/W.  From TAOs, EOOWs to wana-be OODs this book provides great insight to what the "Boss" is thinking and going through as the CVN CO."  Commander Jack Krick, USN.

"You brought back to life my 20 months as a tin-can sailor, 'The Real Navy.' You've done a real service to COs of all types with Carrier Command.  Though I commanded a (space) ship with a crew of five, your guidance is universal.  BZ!"  Retired Navy Captain Rick Hauck, astronaut, with five space shuttle missions as pilot or commander.

“I have found Carrier Command fascinating.  The case studies are incredibly interesting and give far more detail of the incidents than I have seen or heard in the past.  I would disagree that this book is only for a narrow audience though.  There is enough general leadership and management info that makes it applicable to almost any rank in the military and the case studies provide much to digest on decision making in or out of the cockpit as well as the bridge of a carrier.”  LCDR Derek Gordon, E2C pilot deployed on the USS George Washington.

“I just finished Aircraft Carrier Command and wanted you to know what a great book I found it to be, in my mind, an essential for anyone assuming Carrier Command. Your book will turn out to be most useful, believe me.”  Retired Vice Admiral Ed Waller, former deep draft CO, Commander, Third Fleet and Naval Academy superintendent.

"What a tremendous read!  I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  I was especially pleased to see Ted Branch, a USNA 79 classmate, in the book.  Nimitz has always been closely involved in my fleet days!  It is a shame that a man has only one go-around in this life.  I say that because, even though as a 14-year old I decided I wanted to be an airline pilot and ultimately chose that path, I will always wish I could have also had the chance to command a carrier.  But since that is not possible, thank you for writing a great book about the experience!"   Randy Compton, F-14 pilot and retired airline captain.

"Received a long commentary from a long-time large sailing-boat master in which he alluded to the similarities of very large combatants and the brown-water small-boat sailors who navigate mainly by “looking out the window” with the fancier stuff as aides.  He favorably mentioned comments by Captain Rick Comeau and VADM Tim Wright as well.  He concluded with a truism applicable to both ships and aviation: 'The more you can learn from the mistakes of others, the less you have to learn from your own.'”   Robert Stryker.

“A terrific read, and sitting well-displayed on my coffee table in my office at Air Pac HQ today.  I use it as a primer for conversation with my sitting CVN COs and aspiring CSG commanders when they come to call.”  VADM David Buss, Commander, Naval Air Forces.  

“I know your book well as it is the definitive education on ‘how to’ command an aircraft carrier.  I look forward to reading it again and will proudly display it here in my office at the Naval Academy.”  Vice Admiral Ted Carter, former CO of the USS Carl Vinson and presently Superintendent, U. S. Naval Academy.