True Faith

Strap in the cockpit of a carrier-based Phantom jet, catapult into a black-assed night and catch an arresting wire on a gyrating flight deck; experience the sadness and carnage of the Forrestal Fire, peek into the inner-sanctums at the highest levels of the Pentagon, ride the captain’s chair of a super carrier and relive the foibles of a destroyer ensign on a learning fast-track.


•  “You have produced a great book and I do congratulate you.”  Captain Paul Stevens.

 •  “I give Pete an OK-3!”   RADM Tom Brown.

 •  “You’ve done it again!  Well Done!”  John B. Connolly, former USS Buck sailor.

 •  “A sometimes painfully honest trip.  Could not put it down.”  Jack Christiansen.

 •  “I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is truly a great read.”  Vice Admiral Ed Waller.

 •  “. . . must reading for every Midshipman/NROTC.”  Captain Roger Betts.

 •  “It is well written, full of sumptuous detail and rigorously avoids the trap of sentimental indulgence that such a work could fall into.”  Ron Evans, Ph.D and author.

 •  “I am especially enjoying it because I was there (so to speak).” Barbara McCormick. 

 •  “I think it is terrific!  This Marine thanks you.”  Lt. Gen. Bob Keller, USMC.

 •   “What a fine read!  Should be in every JO’s library.”  William A. Ross, 1950s AD pilot.

 •  “What a great book!  You were right … Don would have loved it.”  Mary Engen.


•  “ I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘True Faith’ – even read it a second time.” John Butts. 

 •  “I love this book.  Please send me ten copies.”  Anne Gale Williams.

 •  “I enjoyed your book immensely.  Passed it on.  Thanks.”  David A. Page. Attack pilot.

 •  “You have produced a real chronology.  Well done.”   VADM Dutch Schoultz.

 •  “Great book!  Again!”  Admiral Kin McKee, the quintessential submariner.  

•  “I LOVE this book!”  Glenda Anderson; High school English teacher.

 •  “I enjoyed True Faith, particularly the chapter on Buck which was my first ship out of the Naval Academy in 1949.”  Bill Collins.

 •  “I started at 1300 and did not put it down till my eyes gave out.” Captain Floyd Brown.

 •  “It was inspirational and highly entertaining and provides an understanding of what many Navy personnel and their families give to their country.”  Hap and Nancy Ann Chandler.

•  “A wonderful three-decade series of tales and sea stories the centerpieces of which are the heroics and service of so many thousands of truly great Americans."  Pete Booth, author.