Sidelights is a quarterly publication of the 1,000-member Council of  American Master Mariners (CAMM).  The summer edition featured a review of Sea Buoy Outbound.

As of June, 2010, Sea Buoy Outbound has been added to the prestigious Chief of Naval Operation's Professional Reading Program and to the Naval War College's recommended professional reading program.  Also, efforts are underway to distribute Sea Buoy through the worldwide Navy Exchange System.

Short excerpts of Reader Comments on
Sea Buoy Outbound as of mid-2009:

“Overall, I enjoyed Sea Buoy Outbound very much.”  Captain Howard Burdick, US Navy destroyer and cruiser commands and extensive work in the civilian maritime arena.

 “I found the voyage absolutely fascinating; the book is full of adventure, that’s the only word for it.”  Alan Hall, retired English master at the St. Paul’s School in Concord, NH.

 “Your broad content is exceptional and most interesting; a maritime professional read.  Bravo Zulu.”  Captain Dick Tarbuck, several Navy sea-going commands including a cruiser.

 “This book equals sleep deprivation; Whew!  What a ride!”  Captain Tom Gibson, master mariner and lead harbor pilot in the port of Gulfport , Mississippi .

 “Book is great.  Enthusiasm is a gift and you use it well.”  Janice Dunleavy, Annapolis .

 “Congrats on the new book . . . it deserves a place in any sailor’s library.”  Admiral James Stavridis, Supreme Allied Commander, Europe .

 “I found Sea Buoy Outbound most informative and interesting.  Congratulations.  I was fascinated reading your book and the many photos and scans were truly enriching.”  Colonel Jurg Kursener, Swiss Air Force, retired.

 “Your book was excellent; you are getting better with each outing.  I particularly liked the adventures of the civilian mariner; I can’t believe you did some of those things.”  Rear Admiral Paul Tobin, retired USN with vast command experience at sea and a real sailor.

 “I thoroughly enjoyed the draft of Sea Buoy.  Great stories of your time at sea.  I particularly enjoyed the lessons in leadership and those of the responsibilities of being a master.  A great memoir of a terrific leader.”  Vice Admiral John Craine, USN retired and presently the president of the State University of New York, maritime academy at Fort Schuyler, NY.

“Wow, what a great story!”  Retired Rear Admiral and carrier CO, Tom Watson.

 “Admiral Pete Booth has done it again.  I found the volume fascinating as will other Naval Officers and those readers in search of an adventure story that is a learning experience as well.  Sea Buoy Outbound is a true reading pleasure.”  Admiral Jim Holloway, former Navy CNO and skipper of the USS Enterprise .

 “Sea Buoy Outbound was great and yet another winner!!”  Captain Bob Park, retired Tampa Bay harbor pilot and master mariner.

 “Thanks for the monumental effort of Sea Buoy Outbound; a great read; great lessons; great insight.  Could not put it down.”  Retired Navy Captain Dick Stratton, Naval Aviator and long-time Vietnam POW.

 “I very much enjoyed reading Sea Buoy Outbound.  For anyone who has had the opportunity to command at sea, the book will spark memories both pleasant and not so.  I think the book is your best work to date.”  Retired Navy Captain “JJ” Coonan, former CO of the carrier American and distinguished combat Naval Aviator.

  "Having spent over 36 years at sea in the Merchant Marine I can say without reservation that Peter Booth's book, " Sea Buoy Outbound", gives the best perspective on the differences of the Navy vis-a-vis the Merchant Marine.  A must read for both camps!"  Edward Galston, Unlimited Master.

"Count me as happy reader #5001.  I very much enjoyed your book and have passed it around for others to read . . . they have been making happy noises, too.  Sea Buoy Outbound is a must-read for mariners no matter what size or type of ship they work on.”  Professor Josh Smith at the Merchant Marine Academy King’s Point.

“This book tells with real style the story of the modern maritime world, military and civilian, and most importantly, the mariners who go down to the sea in ships.  I never realized the knowledge, skill and genuine hard work required to get the job done.”  Colonel Connie Hoffman, an Air Force “trash hauler” who spent thousands of hours far above a faceless sea.

“A great read, though a bit tutorial which I believe was in part your intention.  Please send me four signed and dated copies of Sea Buoy Outbound which I intend to give to some special people.”  Retired RADM and first commanding officer of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, Wick Parcells.

"I read Sea Buoy Outbound a couple of weeks ago. Quite something. As a Navy type, I would rack it up on a percentage basis as 30/30/40 : 30% interesting, 30% very interesting, and 40% spell binding!"  Four-star Admiral Jimmy Hogg, U. S. Navy surface warfare with a great deal of sea-going experience.

"I have read and reread some parts of your latest and am sincerely impressed.  What a great story.  I intend to send my recommendations to all of the seagoing folks I know.  Sea Buoy is a great story of ships, large and small, and seas, smooth and rough, by a master sailor who did it all.”  Former CO of the USS Forrestal and now retired, Vice Admiral Dutch Shoultz.

Sea Buoy Outbound is a fascinating read.”  Phil Isaac, Guam .

 "I thought it was a terrific book and read it straight through.  I had no idea of your varied and interesting experiences after the Navy, so the book was a really fascinating account for me.”  Dr. Carlos Dias, former Navy flight surgeon and senior medical officer on the USS Forrestal as a lieutenant commander.

 “Sea Buoy is a very candid, forthright, moving and entertaining journals.  Well Done!  Great book and a great read that I truly enjoyed.  My hats off to you!”  Captain Duanne Cox.

 “I read, I enjoyed, I learned!  Sea Buoy Outbound is your best work to date.  I thought the civilian portion of the book was particularly interesting and revealing.  Hip-Hip Hooray.”  Rear Admiral Dan McCormick, former CO of the aircraft carrier America and master mariner in his own right.

“This is a book for all seasons.  If you want to lead, it gives some helpful hints.  If you want to keep your ship and crew safe, there’s plenty of advice.  All in all it was a most enjoyable reading experience.  If you go to sea, Sea Buoy is a must read.”  Admiral Stan Arthur, now retired and former carrier skipper and Pacific Fleet commander as a full admiral.

 "Enjoying ‘Outbound’; It’s a really good read.  I can feel the wind and the waves.”  John Dotson, Houston attorney and businessman.

 “Wonderful and brought back many great memories for me. Standing JOOD and then OOD underway for a 21 or 22 year old ENS is an experience. The strange thing is we were not afraid of anything. It made men out of us and I am forever grateful to the Navy. Loved the book.”  Frank Barron, businessman, Rome, Georgia and former destroyer sailor on the USS Eversole.

 “I finished your fine book and enjoyed the fascinating stories and refreshing candor.  I applaud your efforts to produce something and produce something rather than get swept along with the crowd.  You and I are fortunate men to have wives who supported us no matter what or how we did.  My compliments to Carolyn for her efforts to assist in making your life so meaningful.”   Frank Kelso, Naval Academy classmate, submariner and former chief of naval operations.

 “I’ve just finished reading Sea Buoy.  Thanks for a great read.  The accounts of your experiences as a civilian master were  most interesting.”  Captain Sherman Alexander, retired USN .

“Thank you, Pete for a lot of good sea stories with large amounts of sensible leadership lessons mixed with inspiration.  I served on the Green DDR-711 and the Benner DD-807; Thank you for helping me relive that experience.”  Arthur D. Miltenberger, former destroyer sailor and retired executive VP and CFO.

“I couldn’t put Sea Buoy down!   I wonder if those who have not had the opportunity to command at sea can fully appreciate how that experience enriches one’s life…forever!! Ships really are female and they really can become like a family member.  Wonderful book.” Retired Rear Admiral and former CO of an aircraft carrier who is the superintendent of Texas Maritime at Galveston , ‘Bear’ Pickavance. 

 Sea Buoy Outbound is an incredible ride and fascinating read.   Thank you for the informative lessons.”  Ensign David Vasquez, 2008 graduate of the Merchant Marine Academy at King’s Point and now in Navy flight training.

 “I found Sea Buoy very interesting and a most enjoyable read.  You always seem to have given it your best shot.”  Ashley D. Pace, former WWII Navy fighter pilot and retired businessman.

 “Finally had a chance to finish reading Sea Buoy Outbound . Another wonderful tale - your love of, and respect for, the oceans and seas of the world - and the people who choose to live and work there - comes through on every page.”  Craig Faith.

 “Last night I have finished reading Sea Buoy Outbound. I loved every page.”  Captain Klaus Niem, long-time sea-going master on a variety of ships steaming the trade routes of the world and a master mariner.