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BY thE AUTHOR eight short years after publication on 9/11/01


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A bit long, but only a tiny slice of hundreds of reader comments

 • “At long last I got around to reading ‘Humble in Victory,’ and I found it hard to put down.  You have written a great story and I congratulate you.  I enjoyed your tale and look forward to the next one.”  VADM Bob Dunn, retired USN, Naval Aviator and author.  Alexandria, Virginia.

 •  “I read it over a week or so after we transited the Suez. Nicely done, it was hyper-entertaining.  I had to force myself to put it down to get some sleep every night.  I certainly hope we never get to that point on Navy ships.”  LCDR George Michaels, VF-143 aboard the USS Kennedy in the IO.

 •  “Pete Booth is a gifted storyteller.  His timely, fascinating and plausible stories are masterfully woven into a colorful tapestry, showing a giant U. S. aircraft carrier at sea in harm’s way, is entertaining, educational and enlightening . . . a remarkable novel and glimpse into the near future.”  Jack (retired cadiologist) and Carolyn Fleming, both authors.  Pensacola, Florida.

 •  “I was greatly impressed!  What a fine job you did of conveying and warning about the possibilities if our leadership fails to make the right assessments.  Well-drawn characters, credible dialogue, well-written narrative (wonderfully descriptive scenes of the stricken carrier!).  Thank you for the pleasure of such a good and thought-provoking read.”  Patricia Butler, New York city.

   “Peter Booth’s first novel should rank as a ‘must’ on everybody’s summer list … not since Richard McKenna’s The Sand Pebbles has a former sailor so aptly captured the complexity of life on a warship … his characters are deep and multidimensional.  The book is hard to put down and we look forward to the next quiet time when we can pick it up again.”  Dr. Carlos Diaz, MD and former senior medical officer on a super carrier.

 •  “Move over Tom Clancey and Clive Cussler.  There’s a new kid on the block:  Pete Booth, whose ‘Humble in Victory’ moves easily into the forefront of the military action-conspiracy genre… The novel offers an excellent, intelligently crafted reading of how honor and altruism may be regained in cynical times. . .”  Dr. Ron Evans, PhD retired university professor and author.

   “The book was superbly written and the story unfolded in a great way.  I was always anxious to continue reading.  Your treatment of tough problem for our Navy, that is mixed-gender forces, was fair and realistic.”  Captain Dave Page, retired USN.  Jacksonville.

  “Your book created a problem around our house for two or three days.  It was so damn interesting I got nothing else done but read it… You’ve got a great book there.”  Captain George White, retired USN.  Pensacola.

  “A well researched, plausible scenario, all too real with our present world situation … It gave me a political and military world view … Loved the sea stories and action … I see a movie version.”  Billie Keathley, Navy wife.  Pensacola.

 •  “Truly an epic novel!  I enjoyed it a lot.”  Tom Brown, retired Rear Admiral.  San Francisco

 •  “… your novel IS a good read.”  Tom Cutler, U. S. Naval Institute Press.  Annapolis.

 •  “Bravo Zulu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A fast-paced story about carrier aviation with a novel twist.  A must read!  Battleaxe.”  Rear Admiral Paul Gillcrist, retired USN and author of seven published books including three novels,  San Diego.

 •  “We’ve finished the book and we both really enjoyed it.  After getting about half way through, I was so engrossed in the story that I just had to drive on the finish.”  George and Donna Nelson, retired USN.  Fairhope, Alabama.

 •  “Booth’s experiences in the cockpits and deck plates serve him well in the book and his recounting of day to day life on the boat as well as combat in the air are extremely well done… the tales are well told, on a par with the better military adventure writers of today…”  Wayman Dunlap, editor, Pacific Flyer, San Diego.

 •  “I thought the book was great!  I hope you are not a prophet.” Captain Ned Shuman, retired USN and former POW, Annapolis.

 •  “A lively tale . . . you kept your large cast and a complicated plot in good order and, it was a ‘fun read’ that turned out be have some thoughtful undercurrents I had not expected. What an epic film this will make!”  Allan N.Hall, retired master, St. Pauls School, Concord, NH. 

  “Finished reading at 0830 with the sun streaming in through the windows.  Had to sit back and relax for awhile.  Took it all in.  Thanks.  Didn’t know you could author such an interesting and useful novel.  Time spent reading it was constructive, and not wasted.”  Gunnar Jenson, former Navy fighter pilot.  South Bend, Indiana.

  “I really enjoyed your book — so well written and reads just like a mystery!  Write some more.”  Marian Thomas, Navy wife.  Pensacola.

  “I tend to evaluate novels based on one criterion: after the last page, do I wish for more?  After 452 pages, the answer is rarely yes. For ‘Humble in Victory’ the answer is an unqualified yes. As a policy exploration, this book is good. As a military thriller, it achieves greatness.”  Lance B. Young, West Florida Literary Association.  Pensacola.

  “I am so glad that idiot, female President got what she deserved.  I personally would have hung her from the nearest tree.  And I can’t believe you  make the _______ kids orphans!  I knew you would kill one of them off . . . All in all . . . a great book!”  Tracey Taylor, Flight Attendant, Tennessee.

  “Pete … your GREAT BOOK is bound to be a BEST SELLER!!!  BRAVO ZULU.”  Swoose Snead, retired Rear Admiral.  West Palm Beach, FL.

  “Humble in Victory is a fast-moving yarn that takes Naval Aviation into a fascinating future.Admiral Jim Holloway writing in the Fall 2000 issue of ‘Wings of Gold.’ ”

  “To say I enjoyed the book would be an understatement!  It not only is an excellent story, but it portrays the potential problems of a gender equal Navy.  I can only hope that the "powers to be" will read this book and give serious consideration of the problems it portrays.”  George Clare, retired USN fighter pilot.  Pensacola.

  “I have just finished reading "Humble in Victory" and just wanted to let you know, that what you have written is a most exceptional book.  If there is one word to describe your book, it would have to be WOW !  You have hit very close to home with what could actually happen. Sort of scary when you think about it.  Thank you for a most exhilarating read.”  Dan Lower,  Forrestal shipmate.

  “Congratulations, Pete.  Just finished your book.  As you predicted, ‘A very good read.’  With respect and affection.”  Leo Profilet, retired Navy captain and long-time POW in Vietnam.

  “Once I got into the real story, I couldn’t put the book down.  I don’t think your book is futuristic, I think we are there now.  It’s a good book though I think your characters need more depth.  And no middle-aged female admiral is EVER going to fall in love with a Chinese general at first sight!”  Glenda Anderson, English teacher.  Virginia Beach, Virginia.

  “I really enjoyed your book.  I hope some folks at the top of our military leadership read it to insure that the gender equity issue that you portray never happens.  I look forward to reading your next one.”  Steve Sullivan, senior Scripps newspaper executive.  Kentucky.

   “A chilling Orwelian view of a not-too-distant U.S. and its military, emasculated and on the slippery down slope owing to years of social engineering, strident feminism, gender equality and political corruption. The bad guys are all too familiar and real, ripped from recent history.  A thought provoking and alarming book.  A must read.  I enjoyed it very much."  Walter Gordon, retired USN, Pensacola. 

  “Pete, from someone who hasn’t read anything in book form since NATOPs, I must tell you how much I enjoyed Humble in Victory.  I particularly like the way you pulled so many aspects of the story — political, economic, warfare, personalities, relationships — all together as the story flowed.”  Retired vice admiral and carrier fighter pilot, Ed Clexton.  Virginia Beach, VA.

  “ I read and very much enjoyed your book.  As you so graphically portray, it is preposterous to suppose that men and women can be put together under close quarters for months at a time and not have all sorts of disruptive activity antithetical to combat readiness inevitably take place.  Congratulations on a nice piece of work." Lloyd E. Williams, Jr. Attorney, Chicago.

  “Damned good read!  Thoroughly enjoyed it.  Thought provoking, moral strengthening and full of suspense and adventure from beginning to end.  Should be required reading.  Thank you very much for the reading experience you provided."  Senior Chief James Myers, Punta Gorda, FL.

"You're as good as Clancy and it's a damn shame that someone with juice didn't get hold of Humble earlier.  But, it's never too late.  Remember Grisham's Time to Kill had a slow start.  I'm impressed I know someone who can write so well."  Cas Dunlap, retired Dallas judge and prolific writer (